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In addition to travel, Nicole and Rob have a love for all things tiki – from tropical tiki cocktails to vintage Hawaiian shirts to mid-century architecture – and found an outlet for this fun topic at Modern TikiTiki drinks have been around since the 1930s, when Don the Beachcomber took advantage of all the cheap available after the end of Prohibition and opened a bar in Los Angeles that was an absolute sensation with the Hollywood celebrities – and those who wanted to rub shoulders with them – of the day. The tropical flair of tiki involved a blend of Polynesian, Hawaiian and Caribbean elements, and it was a trend that only got bigger for the next few decades.

Tiki culture and cocktails faded from popularity after years of success as the drinks got oversaturated with ultra-sweet premade mixes that had fruit flavors, but little of the actual fruit. We wanted to take tiki drinks back to their roots, with a bit of a update to include even fresher ingredients and flavor combinations that would appeal to today’s cocktail lovers. Pre and Post Prohibition craft cocktails are popular in bars all over the country, and fun, tasty tiki drinks should be right up there with them.

Nicole and Modern Tiki