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Brewed Daily began as an outlet for my love of coffee – after all, nothing goes better with baked goods than a cup of coffee – and it has grown steadily over the past several years to be a wonderful niche site that is focused on two of the world’s most popular beverages.

You’ll find coffee and tea recipes that replicate the popular drinks you can pick up at your favorite coffee shops, as well as drink reviews, product reviews and plenty of coffee- and tea-related news. I’ve roasted my own green coffee beans at home, and mixed up my own herbal tea blends, so there are great how-tos on the site that will allow you to learn how to do the same thing. I have a big collection of both coffee mugs and coffee makers, and I’m always looking to add to my collection and try the latest coffee-making technology, so I review plenty of tools for brewing and serving your drink of choice.

Nic drinking her daily brew!