Baking Bites

Baking Bites - by Nicole Weston

Baking Bites is a site for those who love cooking and baking, whether your preference is to whip up simple chocolate chip cookies, decorate fanciful cupcakes to slow-rising artisan breads. It is a resource for home bakers to learn about common baking techniques, how to use different ingredients and for hundreds of fantastically delicious recipes.

Nicole started her first food blog in 2004 as a hobby, and it evolved into Baking Bites over the course of a few years, turning into a full time business by 2007. Baking Bites has been named as one of the best 50 food blogs in the world by the London Times, and has been featured in other newspapers and publications, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Sacramento Bee, The Vancouver Sun and People Magazine Country Edition, as well as many other publications. The site is included by on their “Sites We Love” list and was named as a top industry food blog by PreGel magazine. Baking Bites was also recently honored by PBS as one of the top food blogs of 2013. 

Nicole Baking